Journey to Wellness

Would you love to learn how you can create and sustain a healthier lifestyle that is affordable, enjoyable, and grounded in faith?
Do you feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed in reaching your health goals, even after trying a few different strategies?
Does caring for your physical, emotional, or spiritual health feel nearly impossible, because of so many other things or people competing for the little time and energy you do have?


Do you relate to these statements?

  • I need strategies and resources which are tailored to fit my schedule and home life.
  • Coaching seems too expensive and time consuming for me.
  • I feel like the people who are closest to me can't encourage, motivate, and guide me lovingly, without judgement and prejudice.
  • I believe that I know what changes would help me reach my health goals, but I haven't been able to implement consistently and sustain them for long periods.
  • I tend to regress and fall back into my bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle eventually.
  • There is so much conflicting information out there, that I am often unsure which changes or strategies would be best for my unique situation and health vision.
  • Some wellness strategies like yoga, meditation, affirmations and manifestation, make me feel too hesitant or uncomfortable, because I am worried that they may compromise my faith and walk with God.
Christine van Tonder

Well hello, beautiful soul! I am Christine van Tonder, a faith-led Wellness Coach who guides over-extended and dissatisfied Christian women to make important changes for their health in ways that are sustainable, enjoyable, and accessible, so they can create a life of vitality, passion, and fulfillment.

I've been on a long journey towards managing PCOS naturally, overcoming infertility, low self-worth, social anxiety, and resolving my self-sabotaging fears and beliefs. This has given me an intimate perspective on some of the most common challenges that woman face, and grew my passion for helping them change for good, so they can live with purpose, joy, and faith.

After so many women spoke to me about the obstacles they are faced with on their journeys to health and happiness, I have developed a way through which we can work together that is easily accessible, low cost, deeply supportive, and amazingly transformative.


What does this monthly coaching membership include?


    A monthly live group coaching call (90 minutes) using Zoom (a desktop/mobile app free to download and install) limited to 5-7 members per call, where we discuss relevant and important topics and each attendee gets support from me personally.


    A monthly training or mini course delivered through the private Facebook group, running for at least 5 days, on a wide range of relevant and valuable topics.

    Some topics in the pipeline include: forming new healthier habits, taking control of your mental health, meal planning, installing an empowering morning routine, lowering stress and improving sleep, how to manage your time effectively, and balancing hormones naturally.


    Access to classes by guest experts, delivered through live or recorded video, giving their tips or advice to help you live and feel healthier and happier. Examples of some experts in the pipeline are: complimentary therapy practitioners, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors, Therapeutic Nutritionists, Christian Authors & Speakers, and Christian Counselors.


    Attend any of my events in South Africa (or watch the recordings) at no charge, these involve some or all of the following: motivational or educational talks, group coaching, workshops, masterclasses, or guest experts.


    Exclusive access to a coaching group on Facebook reserved for membership clients. It's a safe place where you can ask for support, encouragement or motivation, and request or access resources, training, or new and ongoing challenges.

    This is one of the platforms through you'll get access to live training videos, experts classes and online events. Use it to request new tools or support from me, so that the value I provide always remains relevant and transformative for you.


    Live interactive video training. Watch my live classes, ask your questions and get my recommendations on video (switch off your camera if your shy) - all replays will be available in the group. This weekly live video training will always be relevant to your current issues and questions as indicated by the weekly Facebook group poll, or discussed during group coaching sessions.


    New resources every month such as worksheets, audio training, ebooks, recipes, and guides. These assets will help to make your journey to wellness smoother, easier, and simpler, by giving you guidance, shortcuts, and tips to remove the fuss and confusion in no time.


    Launching at only $20 USD per month!

    You can sign up at any time and pay for only the next rolling month's membership, or set up a recurring payment and enjoy ongoing support and coaching for as long as you need it.

    Benefit from support, resources, and faith-led coaching that will help you change your life, while saving you time, money, and adding to your peace of mind.


Learn about some of the amazing women who've worked with me to improve their wellness.

Testimonials Annelize Erasmus

Annelize Erasmus

Thank you so much for your advice, eating plan, and recipes, with the additional sleep regime help and exercise ideas. I have slowly started incorporating most of it into my daily routine and it has helped wonderfully. Most of all our chat and the videos I do get a chance to see on Facebook. I don't always have the time with a hectic life. Thank you for listening and giving me so much to work with.

Testimonials Lucille Deysel

Lucille Deysel

I just want to thank Christine van Tonder for helping me get well and for her advice on changing my diet! It's been 4 months since I felt this good!

Testimonials Shanelle Breytenbach

Shanelle de Jong

Christine is an awesome coach and she doesn’t just say something to say something, if she gives you advice, it is either from doing it herself day to day, or it will be something she is willing to do herself.

Testimonials Sune Bezuidenhout

Sune Bezuidenhout

My wellness coach Christine was an inspiration to me. I had been thinking for months about some goals I wanted to attain. When the program was offered I thought it was a great opportunity to go for it. Christine is amazing in what she does, not only did she help me with my lifestyle and exercise, she helped me with my mental wellness as well. She is supportive and she is caring. Christine is incredible.


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